New Proud Sponsor: Pennyrile Electric

Pennyrile ElectricPennyrile Electric does much more than provide electricity to this area. It also provides financial support for many worthy causes in our community.  We’re proud to announce that the company is now a Proud Sponsor of The Way.

Pictured here holding the supporter poster are Pam Bowland (left), Pennyrile employee, and Margaret Moody, a volunteer at The Way. Greg Grissom of Pennyrile holds a replica of their check donated to The Way.

Pennyrile Rural Electric Cooperative Corporation (PRECC) has helped citizens of Trigg and other counties in western Kentucky since 1937. A publicly owned and operated organization serving over 43,000 members, the corporation is invaluable to the health, economic welfare, and safety of the region.

The Way thanks PRECC for sponsoring its new youth center. And we’re especially grateful for the company’s selfless dedication, regardless of weather or other factors, in serving the residents and businesses in this area.

New Proud Sponsor: Roaring Spring Christian Church

Roaring Springs Christian ChurchThe Way receives various kinds of support from area churches. Some provide financial support, for which we’re grateful.

Other churches also get physically involved with day-to-day operations and fundraising.

Roaring Spring Christian Church is one of those churches. It’s also a new Proud Supporter of The Way.

Besides financial backing, some church members provide devotionals. Others have prepared desserts to help us with fundraising events. Pastor Eric Harris can often be found at The Way, leading devotions and volunteering for other tasks.  He and his congregation feel it’s important to provide Christian leadership to our youth, who will be the leaders of tomorrow.

We truly appreciate the effort this church puts in to furthering our ministry.

Roaring Spring Christian Church is located at 228 Military Road in Herndon. Sunday School starts at 10 a.m., with church beginning at 11 a.m. The phone number is (270) 271-2211.

New Proud Sponsor: Dyers Chapel

2 Williams-Rutherford - Dyers ChapelLike our ministry, Dyers Chapel United Methodist Church has had more than one home. It was founded in 1872 as Dyers Chapel. a Methodist-Episcopal church in a schoolhouse on Maple Grove-Linton Road. Five years later, the name was changed to Dyersburg Chapel Methodist Church.

In November 1911, the church burned down. It was eventually moved to where it stands today, just over three miles west of Cadiz across from Lawrence Cemetery.  In the 1960s, when the Methodist-Episcopal Church merged with the United Brethern Church, Dyers Chapel became a United Methodist Church.

Today, Dyers Chapel United Methodist Church is a Proud Sponsor of The Way. That’s Pastor Charles Williams on the left, receiving our supporter poster from Administrative Council Chairperson Ron Rutherford.

The church is very proud of The Way, considering it a very important ministry and local mission service to our community youth. “We know The Way touches these young people in a very special way for God,” said a congregation member.

Dyers Chapel United Methodist Church holds services every Sunday at 11:00 a.m. and Bible study on Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m.

New Proud Sponsor: Donaldson Creek Baptist Church

Russ Thomas - Donaldson CreekOf all the people who appreciate The Way, probably the most grateful are the parents of kids who attend our youth center.

Brother Russ Thomas, pastor of Donaldson Creek Baptist Church, is one such parent.  His children, Nathan and Molly, have benefited first-hand from our ministry.

So it’s no surprise that Donaldson Creek has become our latest Proud Sponsor of The Way.

“I can’t thank The Way enough for all it does for the youth of Trigg County,” Brother Russ said. “You all are making a difference.

The church is located at 4572 Donaldson Creek Road. The phone number is (270) 924-0091.

New Proud Sponsor: McGregor Group

McGregor GroupClayton McGregor (left) is an active member of Northside Baptist Church in Princeton. Scotty Hampton (right) and his wife Andrea are youth leaders at Oak Grove Baptist in Cadiz.

Together, they form McGregor Group Inc. Heating and Air Conditioning, a new Proud Sponsor of The Way.

The company has contributed to the ministry in ways other than financial. It provided assistance during the development of HVAC plans for our new youth center, helping us obtain state approval.

Plus, Scotty and Andrea have ministered to several students who attend The Way.

McGregor Group is a Christian-owned and operated business located at 960 Varmintrace Road in Princeton. You can reach them at (270) 896-5044.

New Proud Sponsor: Sheriff Ray Burnam

Sheriff and familyIn sports, the best defense is often a good offense.

Trigg County Sheriff Ray Burnam applies that philosophy at The Way. And it reaps benefits.

The sheriff doesn’t want a kid’s first encounter with the law to be a bad one. He wants them to know law enforcement is their friend. So Ray and his deputies often spend evenings at The Way playing basketball or whiffle ball with students or just hanging out and talking with them.

The basketball games he has organized between his department and “The Way All-Stars” have been especially successful in building relationships and fostering mutual respect.

So when Sheriff Burnam recently became a Proud Sponsor of The Way, we were incredibly grateful but not surprised.  As much as his generous donation, we appreciate the precious time he gives to those who attend The Way.

The Way thanks Ray and his family – son Tyler, wife Tasha and daughter Tori – for becoming silver sponsors. And we look forward to seeing him and his deputies in our new youth center behind the school campus.

New Proud Supporter: Winston Perry

Winston Perry 3We normally don’t run two photos with a sponsor post. For Winston Perry, we’ll make an exception. He deserves it.

When The Way needed expertise and organization in preparing the building site for the new youth center at 197 Lafayette Street, we approached Winston. He readily agreed.

First, he worked with civil engineers, surveyor Matt Clark, county officials and The Way’s Project Manager Jerry Schisler to determine exactly what work needed to be done. He then proceeded to singlehandedly spend several days doing all the dozer work necessary to ready the site for the building.

Normally, such work would cost thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars in labor, equipment costs and fuel. Winston donated it all to The Way, charging us nothing.Winston Perry 2

Without his work, there’s a strong possibility our timetable to open the new youth center this fall might have been endangered. What’s more, Winston has agreed to provide advice and assistance in preparing the rest of the property for parking, drainage and recreation.

There are no words to express our gratitude for his tireless efforts. Those of us who work at The Way will never forget his invaluable contributions each time we see the building and property. We thank God that he is a Proud Supporter of The Way.

Anyone needing dozer services from an honest, skilled, professional should contact Winston Perry at 270.522.6576.

New Proud Supporter: Matthew Clark

Matt ClarkMatthew Clark is a great example of Trigg County generosity when it comes to supporting our youth, especially for the cause of Christ.

Matthew has selflessly volunteered to provide any and all surveyor work required for The Way to get to where we are today. Matt has surveyed, resurveyed, surveyed the next piece of property, marked the building location corners twice, assisted Winston Perry in getting started with site preparation, and performed other necessary services.

Once it was all accomplished, The Way gratefully thanked Matthew. His reply? “Let me know what else I can do to help.”

The Way truly appreciates Matthew’s expertise and generosity. Unfortunately, once the building is finished, no one will notice the surveying. However, those of us who have been involved will remember what he and others did behind the scenes to get the project off paper and into reality. These people saved this ministry thousands and thousands of dollars.

“I am just glad to be a part of something that I hope my new daughter will enjoy someday,” Matthew said. We look forward to seeing her walk through the doors of the youth center her dad helped build.

The Way owes a huge debt of gratitude to our latest Proud Supporter. If you ever need surveying work done, we encourage to you to contact Matthew Clark, professional land surveyor, at 270.365.9500.

New Proud Supporter: St. Stephen Catholic Church

Father 1St. Stephen Catholic Church has been a Proud Supporter of The Way since 2014. Father Greg Trawick (pictured), one of the kindest and most thoughtful men in Trigg County, has been especially supportive.

Father Greg has shared several devotions at The Way and stays afterwards to talk with students, build rapport, and let them know they are loved by God. St. Stephen is also a monthly financial partner with The Way.

St. Stephen was built in 1966 as a mission of St. Peter and Paul Church in Hopkinsville. The Extension Society in Chicago donated more than half the $27,000 construction costs. Since that money came from a bequest of Leslie O’Brian of Chicago in honor of his brother Stephen, the mission was placed under the protection of St. Stephen, the first martyr.

Besides Father Greg, The Way thanks other members of St. Stephen for their support, including (but certainly not limited to) the Rea, Kell and Howard families.

St. Stephen is located at 1698 Canton Rd. Weekday Masses are at 6:00 p.m. Wednesday and 12:05 p.m. Friday. Weekend Masses are 6:30 p.m. Saturday (Vigil) and 8:00 a.m. Sunday, plus 9:00 a.m. on the first Saturday of every month.

For more information, call 270.522.3901.

New Proud Supporter: CS Design Inc.

ArchitectYou can’t build a modern, fully equipped youth center without a professional architect. So when it came time to choose one, The Way selected Wayne Clayton (pictured) of CS Design Inc. He’s now a Proud Supporter of this ministry.

Since early 2015, he has provided hundred of hours of pro bono services, saving The Way thousands of dollars in professional fees. “I am glad to be able to help an organization that means so much to the community. Cadiz has been good to us and we are pleased to give back when we can,” Wayne says.

His professionalism and expertise in designing the new facility, coordinating with other architects and engineers, working with the state to get plans approved for building, and performing other duties has been absolutely invaluable through the entire process.

The Way thanks the Lord for the generosity and selfless service of people like Wayne Clayton. Should you ever need a top-notch architect for your project, we highly recommend him.

CS Design’s local office is at 67 Main Street. Wayne can be reached at 270.522.7505.