Our Mission

To minister to the youth of Trigg County by sacrificially showing them the love of Jesus Christ, which is able to draw them into a person saving knowledge of Him, and to mentor them to be Holy Spirit-filled and guided servant leaders of the living God.

Happy 2021. May it be a year of each of us growing closer to our SAVIOR, bringing students to HIM, and Glory and Honor unto HIS name!!!
Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are having to do several things differently including initially only accepting 50 students per day. 🙁  Student acceptance will be based upon which days students request/prioritize and date and time received.

We’ve consolidated the online forms into one form now located here which must be filled out for each student regardless of whether one has been submitted manually in the past. 

Please see COVID-19 restrictions or Facebook Page for other temporary changes made to comply with COVID in order to re-open.
School is scheduled to be open to full time student attendance starting next week. Therefore, The Way will be open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday each of those weeks.

197 Lafayette St.

The Way Christian Youth Ministry  is excited to announce it’s plans to open Thursday October 1st.


Monday - Tuesday3:00 PM — 5:30 PM
Thursday - Friday3:00 PM — 5:30 PM
Saturday - SundayClosed

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Watch the site and Facebook for upcoming programs during the school year.

The Youth of Trigg County wish to offer a Thank You to all who are supporting The Way.