New Proud Supporter: Winston Perry

Winston Perry 3We normally don’t run two photos with a sponsor post. For Winston Perry, we’ll make an exception. He deserves it.

When The Way needed expertise and organization in preparing the building site for the new youth center at 197 Lafayette Street, we approached Winston. He readily agreed.

First, he worked with civil engineers, surveyor Matt Clark, county officials and The Way’s Project Manager Jerry Schisler to determine exactly what work needed to be done. He then proceeded to singlehandedly spend several days doing all the dozer work necessary to ready the site for the building.

Normally, such work would cost thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars in labor, equipment costs and fuel. Winston donated it all to The Way, charging us nothing.Winston Perry 2

Without his work, there’s a strong possibility our timetable to open the new youth center this fall might have been endangered. What’s more, Winston has agreed to provide advice and assistance in preparing the rest of the property for parking, drainage and recreation.

There are no words to express our gratitude for his tireless efforts. Those of us who work at The Way will never forget his invaluable contributions each time we see the building and property. We thank God that he is a Proud Supporter of The Way.

Anyone needing dozer services from an honest, skilled, professional should contact Winston Perry at 270.522.6576.