New Proud Sponsor: Sheriff Ray Burnam

Sheriff and familyIn sports, the best defense is often a good offense.

Trigg County Sheriff Ray Burnam applies that philosophy at The Way. And it reaps benefits.

The sheriff doesn’t want a kid’s first encounter with the law to be a bad one. He wants them to know law enforcement is their friend. So Ray and his deputies often spend evenings at The Way playing basketball or whiffle ball with students or just hanging out and talking with them.

The basketball games he has organized between his department and “The Way All-Stars” have been especially successful in building relationships and fostering mutual respect.

So when Sheriff Burnam recently became a Proud Sponsor of The Way, we were incredibly grateful but not surprised.  As much as his generous donation, we appreciate the precious time he gives to those who attend The Way.

The Way thanks Ray and his family – son Tyler, wife Tasha and daughter Tori – for becoming silver sponsors. And we look forward to seeing him and his deputies in our new youth center behind the school campus.