New Proud Sponsor: Cadiz Lions Club

At 73 years and counting, few if any local organizations have helped more youth than the Cadiz Lions Club. That’s one of the many reasons why The Way is gratified that the club has chosen to sponsor our ministry.

Cadiz Lions Club ph#2A68581“I praise God for those who are devoted to providing such a wonderful place for our youth,” member Ann Knowles said.

Serving local youth is nothing new to the Cadiz Lions Club. According to president Gary Knowles, the club provides scholarships to high school seniors, sponsors vision tests for Trigg County grade school and middle school students, and even hosts an annual Easter egg hunt at West End Park.

The club also helps sponsor Camp Crescendo, a camp free to children across Kentucky who are blind or visually impaired, deaf, infected or affected by HIV/AIDS, or in foster care of the custody of grandparents.

For information on how your business or organization can become a sponsor of The Way, contact Carl Heckmann at (270) 498-1933.

New Proud Sponsor: Barkley Lake Homes Realty

Sheila Sandler volunteers at The Way. However, she gives much more than her time to the ministry.

Sheila and her husband Ronnie, owners of Barkley Lake Homes Realty, are one of The Way’s most generous supporters. In fact, the business recently achieved gold-sponsor status.

Sheila and Ronnie Sadler hold a poster indicating their business is a sponsor of The Way.
The Sadlers hold a poster indicating their business is a sponsor of The Way.

“We believe The Way is a tremendous asset to our community,” Sheila explains. “We are blessed to invest in our future.”

“Intentionally or not, we are all investing in something that outlasts us,” adds Ronnie. “Make it count.”

For years, Ronnie worked for the U.S. Postal Service and Sheila in the healthcare industry while moonlighting in real estate. Eventually both left their professions to become full-time Realtors. After obtaining the necessary licenses, they opened Barkley Lake Homes Realty in 2014.

“We recognize that perhaps the major complaint with Realtors is a lack of dependability,” Ronnie explains. “That’s why we have made outstanding service our highest priority for the clients we serve.”

New Proud Sponsor: Joiner’s Auto Body

Jason and Shannon Joiner will display this poster at their auto shop to indicate support of The Way.
As sponsors, Jason and Shannon Joiner display this poster at their shop.

Joiner’s Auto Body, a member of the Trigg County business community for nearly 50 years, recently became a business sponsor of The Way.

“The Way is a really great thing for the youth of Trigg County,” Jason Joiner says. “Keep doing what you are doing.”

Joiner’s Auto Body opened in 1969 at the intersection of Highways 139 and 272, also known as Joiner’s Corner. In 2000, it moved to its current location on Glenwood Mill Road. Nine years later, Jason took the reins.

The shop features 11 work bays, pickup and delivery, and a rental car if needed.

Other services include collision repair, body and frame reconstruction, painting, electrical service, hail damage and dent removal, bumper and grille work, and ground effects and spoilers.

The Way Begins Campaign Seeking Business Sponsorships

Volunteers for The Way will soon contact area businesses to raise money for a new youth center behind the Trigg County school campus.

The ministry estimates it will take approximately $450,000 to build the 11,800-square-foot facility. Thanks to countless fundraisers and the generosity of individual donors and area churches, The Way has already raised $220,000.

Fundraising co-chairs Judy Terrell (left) and Martha Davis indicate the building fund's progress.
Fundraising co-chairs Judy Terrell (left) and Martha Davis indicate the building fund’s progress.

“We’re almost halfway to our ultimate goal,” explains Martha Davis, cochairperson of the fundraising committee. “However, with another $30,000, we can secure a bank loan. We hope local businesses will help us get there – and beyond – through their sponsorships.”

Businesses donating at least $100 will be considered sponsors. A business donating $100 to $499 will be designated a bronze sponsor; $500 to $999 a silver sponsor; and $1,000 or more a gold sponsor. Each sponsor will have its company’s name etched on a bronze, silver or gold plaque to be placed on a Wall of Praise in the new facility.

Sponsors will receive other meaningful benefits. Their donations will be tax-deductible. Their business will be featured on The Way’s Facebook page, Twitter account and website. This recognition will include a photo of the owner(s), their comments about The Way, and a short bio of the company. And their business will be listed as a sponsor in a local newspaper ad at the end of the fundraising campaign.

“Few if any of us enjoy fundraising and asking for things,” observes Carl Heckmann, cofounder of The Way. “But we are doing this for the generations of youth whose only hope is Jesus Christ.”