Proud Sponsor: The Village Shoppe

IMG_0665The Way is so blessed to have The Village Shoppe as a “Proud Sponsor”.  The Village Shoppe deals in quality antiques and nostalgic items of our heritage. Owners Dillmon and Rebecca Cunningham (pictured) not only are sponsors, but provide pizza for students twice each month and have participated in numerous fund raisers.  These career educators truly love students and want to share GOD’s love with them.  They understand the mission of the LORD’s Ministry at The Way and how important it is to reach Students for CHRIST during this critical time in our Nation.  Their encouragement, prayers, and support are appreciated more than words can express.  Thank you Brother Dillmon and Sister Rebecca.!!!  You are such blessings!!!

Proud Sponsor: American Church Group (ACG) of Kentucky

IMG_0695The American Church Group (ACG) of Kentucky has been the Insurance provider for The Way for over 3 years.  They have not only worked hard to meet or exceed all of The Way’s insurance needs, but they believe in the ministry the LORD has given it.   Recently, they demonstrated their support by becoming a Sponsor.  ACG truly understands the unique insurance needs of Churches and even a Special entity like The Way.
Pictured below is Mr. Paul Ludovissie, Vice President.  The Way truly recommends ACG to any Christian organization.

Proud Sponsor: Sister Margaret Moody

The Way is so exceptionally blessed to haveIMG_0669 as a Board Member representing Cadiz United Methodist Church.  Since becoming an active Board Member and Volunteer, she has been a constant encourager and witness to Students at The Way.  She has also enthusiastically and successfully blessed the ministry with her fund raising efforts..  However, not only is she a fund raiser, but as are many others on The Way’s Board of Directors, she is a Proud Sponsor.   When she and husband Greg celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary, they asked the numerous invited guests to give a love offering to The Way in lieu of anniversary gifts.  The Way gives thanks for Sister Margaret and her Family.

Proud Supporters: Larry Edmundson’s Sunday School Class at Cadiz Baptist Church

IMG_0691The Way thanks the Young Adults Sunday School Class at Cadiz Baptist Church for its kindness and generosity in being one of our Sponsors.  When this class, taught by Larry Edmundson, was given a large love offering from someone to whom the class had been a blessing, they immediately voted  to give a generous portion to the LORD’s Ministry at The Way.  We truly believe the LORD will bless their donation to make an eternal difference in many young lives.
Some of the class remembers are as follows:
L-R  Gary Polete (wife Amanda not pictured), Larry Edmundson, Dorraine and Ken (Board Member at The Way) Traub, Erika and Brian Stiep, Kisha Holt, Jennifer Boone (husband John Boone not pictured)

PROUD sponsors Stacey Woods and Nacy Harper

PROUD sp13879188_1775376172678726_3473458073076449293_nonsors Stacey Woods and Nacy Harper stand on one of drain boxes they modified to meet state code at The Way`s new building site. Stacey says, “I am always glad to help when I can. I’m so happy to see The Way reach out to the youth now and in the future.” Nacy said, “I enjoy giving back to the community and to help get The Way started.” They both agreed that The Way will benefit the youth of Trigg County for a long time.

Mitchell Construction/ P’pool Concrete

14102314_1781300985419578_2805344947054980765_nThe Way Christian Youth Center is thankful beyond words for free labor and/or equipment usage and expertise provided by Mitchell Construction (Thomas and Stoney Mitchell and team) of Cadiz and P’pool Concrete (James P’Pool) of Louisville. These companies talked with Sister Martha Davis and wanted to give back to the Community where they live (Mirchell’s) and/or have friends (P’Pool).

New Proud Sponsor: Coldwell Banker Service 1st Realty

13907047_1776040742612269_2809418749825525827_nThe Way thanks Coldwell Banker Service 1st Realty and owners Betty and JR Ricks (pictured ) for being proud sponsors of its ministry. Coldwell Banker believes they are the ultimate resource for professional real estate information and services for both buyers and sellers in the Cadiz- Trigg County and Western Kentucky area. They also strive to be the number one source for waterfront, bacation, and retirement homes on Lake Barkley. The Way thanks Coldwell Banker for its financial sponsorship, but also Betty Ricks for her invaluable guidance and assistance in helping with property transactions and related matters. Thank you, Coldwell 1st Realty and the Rick’s Family.

New Proud Sponsor: Cadiz Baptist Sunday School Class (Bro. Joe Powell, Teacher)

IMG_0661The Cadiz Baptist Sunday School Class, taught by Bro. Joe Powell, is proud to be a supporter of The Way and we are so thankful it is.  In addition to their generous gift to be a sponsor, they have been a financial partner with The Way for several years; in addition to providing a Friday Evening meal (pizza, sub sandwiches, desserts, etc.) for students every 3rd Month.  Every member of this class has been a supporter of The Way in some capacity; including all involved in fund raising activities.   Joe Powell makes sure the class is kept apprised of The Way’s progress and provides encouragement.  Kathy Payton coordinates the aforementioned Friday meals and her husband, Lyndell makes sure The Way is prayed for regularly. Joe and Judy Bridges made it possible for The Way to have accordion curtains and other items for the new Youth Center.  Winston and Pam Perry donated a week’s labor plus equipment and fuel to totally prepare the building site for the new building.  Ronnie and Debi Bridges will be doing the plumbing at less than cost. Bill and Elizabeth Anderson are business sponsors as well as individual donors. Freddie and Libby Darnall have been the liaison between Cadiz Baptist and The Way during the nearly 3 years we have enjoyed CBC’s hospitality.  Jim Daniels and Mike Wright have done daily devotions sharing the Gospel with students.  Joan Heckmann has worked tirelessly to make yard sales and other fund raisers a success and has supported volunteer efforts as well as shown much patience with her husband’s role at The Way.  The Grays, Freemans, Hills, and Shirley Ingram have been wonderful to donate items and time to the continuance of the ministry.  Cadiz Baptist Church has been a wonderful supporter of The Way and we thank them and especially this Sunday School Class.


Back Row:  Jeff Hill, Mike Wright, Joe Bridges, Ronnie Bridges, Donnie Freeman, Winston Perry,

Middle Row:   Faye Hill, Judy Bridges, Debi Bridges, Becky Freeman, Libby Darnell, Freddie Darnell, Joan Heckmann

Front Row:     John Gray, Bill Anderson, Joe Powell (Teacher), Jim Daniels, Kathy Payton, and Lyndell Payton

New Proud Sponsor: Cadiz Baptist Sunday School Class (Bro. Loran Wagoner, Teacher)

IMG_0663The Way thanks the Cadiz Baptist Sunday School Class (Bro. Loran Wagoner, Teacher) for being a Proud Sponsor—-in numerous ways since May 2011 when The Way first opened it doors. In addition to the Class’s generosity in being a Sponsor, it also provides Friday Evening meals for students every 3rd month, and has been a monthly financial partner for several years.  Individual members have also contributed starting with Charles Franks, Frank Weer, and Dale Ezell installing the large “The Way” sign at our first location.  Nell Weer serves as “Refreshment Coordinator” for The Way and does a wonderful job of coordinating with Churches to make sure students get nourishment each day. The Cunninghams provide a monthly meal for students and their business is a sponsor.  Betty and JF Ricks have provided invaluable Real Estate guidance.  The Kemps have raised money for The Way through the Ham Festival Car Show each year.  The Wallaces, Powells, Roses, Grigsbys, Ezell’s and others have helped with fund raisers.  Each member of this class has blessed The Way and its students in various ways. The Way is deeply grateful.
Pictured L-R.
Back Row –JF and Betty Ricks, Charles and Gail Franks, Loran Wagoner, Dillmon and Rebecca Cunningham, and Peggy and Larry Kemp.
Front Row—Clarence and Lela Grigsby, Joann Rose, Penny Wallace, Mildred Ezell, Janice Powell, and Kay Wagoner

New Proud Sponsor: Pennyrile Home Medical

This Pennyrile Homeis David Chestnut of Pennyrile Home Medical of Cadiz, Hopkinsville and Paducah. He and his wife Diane own the business. It is indeed a family affair with Diane managing the store in Hopkinsville, a son Logan who serves as Inventory Manager, and daughter in law Kelly who serves in accounting. We are so pleased that this organization sponsored The Way at the silver level. David is a sincere believer that people get ahead with hard work. He stated that he started working at 8 years old on a farm and has held 2 jobs most of his life. He contributed to The Way because he believes our youth are tomorrow’s future. His wife used to teach elementary students and she believes today’s youth need to learn good moral traits.