The Way

Jesus answered, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” – John 14:6


Almost every Trigg Countian has said, “There needs to be something for the youth to do after school and on weekends rather than cruising 68, hanging out in parking lots, or getting into trouble.” Many of us believe the answer is a Christian-based, volunteer-managed youth center that would minister not just to physical and today’s needs, but spiritual and tomorrow’s needs as well. Instances of youth-related crime in Trigg County continues to grow. The cost of such crimes in terms of police involvement, legal fees, property damage, etc., can add up very quickly to a staggering amount. If a Christian youth center ministry could prevent even a small amount of crime, it would save the county and state far more dollars in the long run regardless of where the investments originated. This is what we believe from a Christian perspective.


A ministry where youth grades 6 to 12 can find a shelter from the storms of life by experiencing the love of Christ and learning more about God’s teachings and plans for their future while enjoying recreation, fellowship and worship.


To minister to the youth of Trigg County by sacrificially showing them the love of Jesus Christ, which is able to draw them into a person saving knowledge of Him, and to mentor them to be Holy Spirit-filled and guided servant leaders of the living God.


√ To bring honor and glory unto God in all things

√ To show the love of Christ in all that is done

√ To be led by the Holy Spirit of God through His word and prayer

√ To provide a safe, fun, learning, but disciplined environment

√ To conduct an interdenominational non-profit ministry focused on the saving knowledge and love of Christ while leaving doctrinal issues to churches

√ To act as a conduit to facilitate youth who have no church homes into an established body of believers where God’s inherent word is taught and He is worshiped in spirit and in truth

√ To carry out the Great Commission to Trigg County and the world.

Updated October 2014