New Proud Sponsor: Pennyrile Board Of Realtors

Pennyrile Board of RealtorsOne of the hardest tasks for a non-profit, all-volunteer organization is fundraising. It’s difficult to ask others for money, no matter how generous they may be.

So when someone actually volunteers not only to donate money, but also time, it’s much appreciated.

Such is the case with the Pennyrile Board of Realtors. We welcome them as a Proud Sponsor of The Way.

During the first night of the Rotary auction in April, The Way served dinner to raise money for its new youth center. Not only did members of the Pennyrile Board of Realtors volunteer to help cook and serve, but they also donated a sizable amount to the cause.

Pictured here are, left to right, Sheila Sadler, Billie Farless, Tammy Warner and Mike Heffington.

The board was formed in 1976 to allow local real estate agents to bring uniformity, responsibility and high standards to the real estate business. The organization represents Realtor members in Trigg, Lyon, Caldwell and Crittenden counties. There is no central office, but you can visit their website at or call 270.350.6666.