New Proud Sponsor: Cadiz Baptist Sunday School Class (Bro. Joe Powell, Teacher)

IMG_0661The Cadiz Baptist Sunday School Class, taught by Bro. Joe Powell, is proud to be a supporter of The Way and we are so thankful it is.  In addition to their generous gift to be a sponsor, they have been a financial partner with The Way for several years; in addition to providing a Friday Evening meal (pizza, sub sandwiches, desserts, etc.) for students every 3rd Month.  Every member of this class has been a supporter of The Way in some capacity; including all involved in fund raising activities.   Joe Powell makes sure the class is kept apprised of The Way’s progress and provides encouragement.  Kathy Payton coordinates the aforementioned Friday meals and her husband, Lyndell makes sure The Way is prayed for regularly. Joe and Judy Bridges made it possible for The Way to have accordion curtains and other items for the new Youth Center.  Winston and Pam Perry donated a week’s labor plus equipment and fuel to totally prepare the building site for the new building.  Ronnie and Debi Bridges will be doing the plumbing at less than cost. Bill and Elizabeth Anderson are business sponsors as well as individual donors. Freddie and Libby Darnall have been the liaison between Cadiz Baptist and The Way during the nearly 3 years we have enjoyed CBC’s hospitality.  Jim Daniels and Mike Wright have done daily devotions sharing the Gospel with students.  Joan Heckmann has worked tirelessly to make yard sales and other fund raisers a success and has supported volunteer efforts as well as shown much patience with her husband’s role at The Way.  The Grays, Freemans, Hills, and Shirley Ingram have been wonderful to donate items and time to the continuance of the ministry.  Cadiz Baptist Church has been a wonderful supporter of The Way and we thank them and especially this Sunday School Class.


Back Row:  Jeff Hill, Mike Wright, Joe Bridges, Ronnie Bridges, Donnie Freeman, Winston Perry,

Middle Row:   Faye Hill, Judy Bridges, Debi Bridges, Becky Freeman, Libby Darnell, Freddie Darnell, Joan Heckmann

Front Row:     John Gray, Bill Anderson, Joe Powell (Teacher), Jim Daniels, Kathy Payton, and Lyndell Payton