Upcoming Seminars

3 January –First Day of Floor Hockey through 14 Feb

10 January- First Day of Aerobics class conducted by Carmen Finley (6 weeks)

Feb. 15th —Suicide Awareness and Prevention –Dawn Gibbs Concert?

22 February –Grace and Mercy Testimonies ?? Concert?

21 February —Basketball League

29 March —-Teen Challenge Refuge in Concert

Gideon’s pass out Christian Material every 3rd Thursday

Word of Hope passing out Christian Material every 1st Thursday

WHAT:  Trigg Junior Fire Fighter Academy:   
WHEN:  Orientation meeting 23 January with classes held the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month while school in session.
WHY : To help prepare students for career and service opportunities to benefit both them and society.  A career as a fire fighter can be very rewarding and the
            ranks of local Volunteer Fire Departments are depleted due to fewer younger adults joining and increased training/educational requirements.
WHO: Students ages 15-17.  Slight age exceptions can be made by State Fire Commission.  Instructors Pat Crane, Gus Puth an other local Fire Fighters
HOW:  Training topics will include Administration and Organization, Personal Protective Equipment, Fire Science, Fire Investigation, Fire Behavior, Fire Ground    
             Operations and many other topics .  Students will earn credits towards their certification as a Kentucky Fire Fighter.
WHAT:  “Beginning Steps —A Growth Guide for New Believers”.
WHEN:   Starts Wednesday February 20th for three, plus at least one make up
WHY:      To help young Christians who have made previous professions of faith somewhere and those who may not have to understand what it means to be a
                Christian and expectations for happiness/success.
WHO:     Middle and High School students with priority on new Christians.  Class size 10-15.  Instructors: Seeking volunteers.
HOW:     Training Topics include “Being sure of your Salvation”, “Publicly declaring your faith”, “Sharing CHRIST with others”, “Studying GOD’s Word”, “Learning  to Pray”, “Church Membership”, and “Trusting JESUS to direct your life”.
WHAT:   True Love Waits :
WHEN:    Starts Wednesday February 20th for six weeks plus at least one make up.
WHY:      To help teens resist the immense pressure to be sexually active before marriage.
WHO :    Middle and High School Girls.  Class size 10 or less.  Instructors Erika Steip and _____________.
HOW:      Equips students with emotional, relational, physical, and Spiritual reasons to help them resist sexual pressures.
WHAT:      Creation Museum Film Series
WHEN:      Starts Wednesday March 27th for 3 weeks plus at least one make up.
WHY:         To educate students concerning the truth of Biblical Creation.
WHO:         Middle and High School Students.  Class size less than 20.   Instructors: Being Recruited
HOW:        This Series (7 total averaging 25 minutes each) by the founders of the Creation Museum include films on “Six Days and
                  Other Biblical Perspectives”, “Heaven and Earth”, “Created Cosmos”, “Creation of Life”, “Flood Geology”,”Dinosaurs and Dragon Legends”,
                  and “The Last Adam”.
WHAT;       Foundations in Personal Finance for Students:  (Dave Ramsey Course) 
WHEN       Hopefully before School is out pending health of Sister Christi Rigg’s Mother.  10 weeks.
WHY;         To equip students to be able to successfully manage their personal and family finances to assure good stewardship and
                  financially secure lives.
WHO:         Middle and High School Students.  Class size 10-15.  Instructors Christi Riggs, Marsha Petro and ____________.
HOW:         Topics covered will be Saving and Budgeting, Credit and Debt, Education Careers, Entrepreneurship, Investing, Insurance, Identity Theft,
                   Global Economics, Marketing and Consumerism.  Global Economics, Marketing and Consumerism.


WHEN:           TO BE DETERMINED (TBD).  Prospective Instructor looking at Work Schedule.

WHY:              WE ALL KNOW WHY

WHO:             Middle and High School Students.  Probably maximum class size of 10.  Instructor: One of our Great Volunteers.