New Proud Sponsor: PR Productions & Mobile DJ

Perry Radford - PR #2A8BD39Perry Radford loves music. He also loves what The Way does for the youth of Trigg County. That’s why his business – PR Productions & Mobile DJ – has become the most recent “Proud Sponsor of The Way.”

“It is a great thing that you do here for our youth,” Radford said. “I am just proud to be able to contribute towards a new facility which is going to be an even bigger blessing in the future.”

Radford founded the company in 2003. It provides entertainment for weddings, reunions, parties and corporate events in western Kentucky. Radford keeps things lively with his state-of-the-art audio equipment, extensive music library, and lively patter.

An experienced audio engineer, Radford also is available for setting up PA systems for church events, concerts and other functions.