Covid-19 Response

Ministry changes (temporarily) to comply with COVID requirements and to safeguard students/adults.

—As stated, initially only 50 students in attendance per day (which breaks our hearts ?).  We hope to expand soon.

—Operational hours all days will be 3:00-5:30 PM.

—As required at School, wearing of masks and social distancing while at The Way.  Also, as with school, temperatures will be taken upon arrival.  Should temperature or other factors indicate illness, students and others living in same home will be asked to contact parents for pick up.

—Upon arrival, students will be served meals/refreshments of their choice, secure back packs in designated areas, and find a seat in the group they choose (hopefully) or are assigned.  They will remain in the same seat except for devotion in the gym (approximately 3:40-4:00 PM), recreation/fellowship time (5:00-5:30 PM) and necessary bathroom breaks.

—Students will choose or be assigned to one of 3 or 4 groups located throughout the building.  ALL students will be required to in a group and participate in an activity (from 4:00-5:00 PM).  This is the only way we can comply with COVID and be open. A partial listing of activities (all COVID Compliant) could include arts and crafts, games, tutoring, uplifting movies, Bible studies, self development opportunities, computer free time, etc.  Rewards will be given for those who satisfactorily complete Bible studies, self development classes, and tutoring.  We hope to be able to list available classes on our FB and web page at least one week prior to scheduled date.

—Recreation/fellowship time (5:00-5:30 PM) who stay until 5:00 PM will go to the gym to participate in a variety of games or to just be able to talk with friends.  Again, everything will be COVID compliant.

—Student behavior will determine their continuing presence at The Way.  The Board Member in charge each day will make determination if student is asked to leave for an indefinite time.  Parents will be kept informed.  Since social distancing will only allow us to have less than 50 % of average normal attendance, we believe students who truly wish to be at The Way and conduct themselves appropriately should be rewarded.

The Way is praying for and looking forward to a return to “normalcy”.   Not only are the above listed “changes” as unpleasant for us as you, they require of us more work, volunteers and resources.  However, we want to provide needed/wanted services for your students and perhaps make parents lives a little easier also.  The alternative to these changes to comply with COVID is to remain closed.   We do not find closure an acceptable alternative!

Please join us in prayer for our students, their families, our community and nation, and for the end to this pandemic.

May GOD bless you in all things.

The Way’s Board and Volunteers.