Who We Are

We offer the youth of Trigg County a shelter from the storms of life. We provide a safe, disciplined environment where they can play games, enjoy refreshments and hang out with friends.

And most of all, we show them the love of Christ.

At The Way, kids hear uplifting music, heartfelt devotionals and Biblical teaching. They interact with adults who care about them. They learn God has a plan for them, Christ died for them, and salvation offers them eternal life.

They also learn respect for themselves and others. We believe proper discipline is not punishment; it’s a sign of caring. Our Code of Conduct clearly describes expected behavior at The Way and the steps taken when a student disregards these guidelines.

As a non-profit ministry, we charge no dues or fees. All food, drinks and activities are free. As an interdenominational ministry, we don’t force-feed a particular doctrine or recommend a certain church. Our mission is to bring honor and glory to God by showing youth there is love and hope in a world that all too often seems to lack both.

If you are in grades 6 through 12, come join us. If you are a parent, come visit us. If you are a Christian adult, come be a part of us.


  • Portia Aldridge
  • Ken Allen
  • Kelly Allen
  • Lynne Crane
  • Pat Crane
  • Shelley Crawford
  • Martha Davis
  • Cammie Evans
  • Randall Evans
  • Matt Franklin
  • Marc Frye
  • Debra Hargis
  • Carl Heckmann
  • Ruby Martin
  • Margaret Moody
  • Ryan Moore
  • Michelle Moore
  • Jack Rutland
  • Ann Schisler
  • Jerry Schisler
  • Judy Terrell
  • Ken Traub

Members At Large

Emeritus Members

  • Jerry Bacon
  • Tony Evans
  • Jo Nell Kyler
  • Eileen Martinez
  • Jamus Redd
  • Kendra Redd
  • Relissa Torian

Inactive Members

  • Lukas Anderson
  • Crystal Bacon
  • Cliff Carneyhan
  • Stephanie Cunningham
  • Danny Goodwin
  • Derek Kearney
  • Nancy Ladd
  • Jon Prudhomme
  • Paxton Redd
  • Beverly Underhill