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New Proud Sponsor: Cadiz Lions Club

At 73 years and counting, few if any local organizations have helped more youth than the Cadiz Lions Club. That’s one of the many reasons why The Way is gratified that the club has chosen to sponsor our ministry. “I

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New Proud Sponsor: Barkley Lake Homes Realty

Sheila Sandler volunteers at The Way. However, she gives much more than her time to the ministry. Sheila and her husband Ronnie, owners of Barkley Lake Homes Realty, are one of The Way’s most generous supporters. In fact, the business recently achieved

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New Proud Sponsor: Joiner’s Auto Body

Joiner’s Auto Body, a member of the Trigg County business community for nearly 50 years, recently became a business sponsor of The Way. “The Way is a really great thing for the youth of Trigg County,” Jason Joiner says. “Keep

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The Way Begins Campaign Seeking Business Sponsorships

Volunteers for The Way will soon contact area businesses to raise money for a new youth center behind the Trigg County school campus. The ministry estimates it will take approximately $450,000 to build the 11,800-square-foot facility. Thanks to countless fundraisers and

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